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"Health & Physical Well-Being"


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* This specialized class is completely focused on receiving highly specific insights and tools from the Angels (both for yourself and for others) regarding health and physical well-being.  This is one of two arenas of Kathy's work with the angels, in which she is the most specific, validated, and experienced.
This teleclass currently available primarily to:

* Previous graduates of any of Kathy's teleclasses

* Private session clients who are invited, or who are already involved in intuitive or healing work

You may refer friends interested in this class to call Kathy @ 281-535-1009 for consideration.


Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Nov. 15, Nov. 29, Dec. 6

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time

(7-9 EST, 5-7 MT, 4-6 PT)

* NOTE: Class start time is one hour earlier than our previous teleclasses have been

Recordings will be available for all class meetings.
"Recently, I was experiencing health issues and Kathy connected with me in an Angel Intuitive session by phone and told me where on my body these health issues were. After going to a doctor and having x-rays performed, the doctor verified what Kathy had told me! Kathy also told me where to find a specific area on my body that when gently touched along with deep breathing, made the discomfort I was experiencing ease up and eventually went away. I endorse and recommend Kathy Landry for the wondrous ways she has helped me and my friends to heal..."
                    ~ Positively Truman "Bobby" Anderson

“The intuitive Angel reading I received was amazing!  Kathy knew I had fire ant bites that had not been healing on my lower left leg.  “       
                                                      ~  J.L., TX

"The angel messages you spontaneously gave me were all specifically about ways to help me heal my spine which amazed me since just that week I had found out I have a compressed disc!  I admit I was resistant to the breathing sessions the angels designed and advised me to do, but they work!  They seem to activate my inner healer...Blessings and Thanks!"              
       -- R.S., MO - Reiki Master                                                                           Tuning Fork practitioner, Minister

"Kathy's voice is sincere and serene as she translates from the angelic dimension to offer golden wisdom to us on the human plane.  It has now been a little over five weeks since we worked together and I had a significant angelic breakthrough the day we spoke, followed by another round of clearing infection and draining an abscess that has been one of the most challenging issues of my life.  I felt the grace of being held with honor and care, in a sacred space of feminine and angelic nurturance and wisdom that was quite potent in moving a very stagnant condition into a healing flow.  This space was a fountain of what I call the 'living water of love,' abundantly offered.  A very beautiful presence, Kathy is a divine conduit bringing hope and healing."
                                 ~ Donna - Huntington Beach, CA  
Size of class limited for benefit of hands-on activities - REGISTER NOW to ensure a slot!

For questions about the content of this class, and how it may benefit you, call Kathy @ 281-535-1009.

As with all of our teleclasses, this program is filled with rich instruction, Kathy's sharing of her experiences, profound hands-on learning activities, and valuable feedback and coaching. 

Although techniques and experience you gain in class can be applied to animals, all hands-on activities and examples shared will focus on humans.