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* Space is limited for optimal group size!
REGISTER NOW to ensure a slot!
Several days before the first teleclass meeting, the teleconference phone number - along with further instructions for joining the call - will be emailed to you!  It is NOT a toll-free number, and depending on your phone's long distance plan, you may incur long distance charges.  Thank you!
How did you hear about this class?
Learn to Intuit Profoundly Specific Messages from your Angels EXPRESSLY FOR YOU & YOUR LIFE

This New, Highly Experiential Class is Entirely Devoted to Developing and Deepening your Communication
with your Angels on Behalf of YOURSELF!

Featuring a Treasure Chest of Eclectic Techniques
& Guided Processes from the Angels! (Most of these techniques are NOT shared in our original Angel Communication TeleClass, and many of them have just recently been intuited by Kathy)

-  You'll learn how to receive specific insights and supportive tools from
your Angels for YOU related to:  Physical, emotional, and energetic health, Healing, Career, Finances, Relationships, Attracting & creating a life you
will love, Transitioned loved ones (human & animal), Spiritual missions, Animals, and More.
- This is an indepth and highly transformative class featuring profound experiential activities, guided processes, and coaching from me that will accelerate your ability to 'hear' the angels for yourself. Prepare to climb to new heights in your connection and relationship with your Angels!

- that's because this class contains individual experiential activities, rather than group interactive hands-on events.  If you are not able to be live on any - or all - of the class meetings, you can benefit just as much by working with the downloadable recordings which are emailed to class members the day after each class meeting.  You can even listen to a meeting's recording in sections, at your own pace.


(12 Hrs. Total)

* Includes downloadable recordings of all 6 six class meetings -
a library of rich learning and inspiration that you can continue to
listen to and work with!

$149 Early registration


* Space limited *
Whether you are just now beginning to learn to hear the Angels
OR you want to enhance the clarity, specificity, and consistency of awareness that you already have, the teachings of this class will
deeply support you.

As a spiritual being with a body,
you have a natural ability to communicate
with your Angels...
You did not come to Earth without it!
Your gift is just waiting for you to awaken and develop it!


Class begins Thurs,
Jan. 17

Space limited for benefit of hands-on activities!

REGISTER NOW to ensure a slot!


* We are currently surveying to connect with those who want
to attend the next offering of this  teleclass!  The class schedule will then be set to match the day of the week & start-date that matches the availability of the most responders.

To let us know you're interested in this class & to give us your schedule availability

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"Thank you so much for offering the "Learn to Communicate with
Angels" TeleClass!   I have always believed in angels, but was not sure
I could really connect with messages from them!   I was amazed as the class unfolded - you gave us an abundance of very specific exercises and techniques that allowed us to do so.   And as we had time in class to experience using those techniques, it built my confidence.   It was wonderful to get helpful coaching and encouragement from you. And it all felt loving and supportive.

You established a very safe, loving environment that made it very easy for me to be open, to share, and be willing (and able!) to connect with the angels.

Learning these techniques, and incorporating them into my life, has supported and uplifted me! I am ever grateful! "                   
                                 ~ Gerianne Hummel
                                      Reiki Master Teacher, Aromatherapist

"The 'How to Communicate with Angels' teleclass was excellent.
Kathy was not only very informative and supportive, but the hands on
exercises during the class were also very helpful. She gently guided us
in our development and created a supportive and safe environment to practice. I had never communicated with Angels before, but after this class, I think I have been all along without realizing it. This class was also a lot of fun. I highly recommend taking this class. "  
~ E.L., Dallas, TX

                                                                                                     "Kathy's Angel Communication class was a breath of fresh air for me
by allowing me to hear and feel the communication of the angels. Her techniques are unique and spot on with all in the class, and with me.
With her gentle guidance, she provided a relaxed, safe environment for us to open up to listening with our heart for the angel messages. It has been an honor to know Kathy's expertise in the area
of intuitive guidance."
~ J.M., OH

"My life has changed beyond what I could even imagine.  I'm grateful
for finding your class. ~ J.M., PA  

"Kathy is amazing and truly gifted.  Her loving supportive manner along with her techniques have been so valuable and wonderful.  I highly recommend her classes - you'll be doing yourself a huge favor." ~ K.S.,OK

"Last night's class was amazing [Wk. 4 of 'Learn to Communicate with Your Angels' 6 Wk. TeleClass].  I am so glad we were able to tap into
our own Angels for messages.  I had been concentrating on offering for others.  Very powerful techniques...thank you so much for the flow of
the class."  ~ J.M., OH

"Kathy's classes are truly amazing! She is a gifted teacher and so
much more."  ~ T.K.H.

“Many years ago I had an ANGEL MUSIC reading with Kathy.  I was
truly amazed at her ability to touch my soul with her angelic music. 
I made a heart connection with Kathy at that time that has lasted
through the years.  When I received her email regarding her upcoming ANGEL CONTACT classes, 'I knew' this was something my angels wanted me to do.  I can only tell you that Kathy IS an ANGEL who quietly, in a whisper, takes you by the hand and guides you to make that special connection with your OWN angels.  My class time with Kathy, and my
heart connection with Kathy have helped me to make that "leap of faith" and make a stronger connection with my own angels."      
~ Callie, TX

"My experiences with Kathy Landry [classes & private sessions] who I lovingly like to refer to as "my Angel Lady" have been outstanding! Join in and enjoy... xx  ~ Catherine Sweet  

More TELECLASS Testimonies

"Thank you Kathy for your intuitive insights - you were on the money with so many specific things - like my lower back vertebrate c-4. 
I went to a spine surgeon today and he said 'yep, c4 is the one giving
you pain'.  You are a gifted girl!"  ~ C.R.

"I wanted to let you know that Nibbles [horse] had rehab therapy
and the area where they did shockwave was where you had sighted
as an area of issue and an old injury! It WORKED!! He is doing beautifully after years! You are amazing. I am so grateful for you!  ~ L.S.

"The shocking suicide of a family member in December led me to Kathy.  My emotions were raw, and I was numb.  Even though we had been divorced for years, this man was still the father of my child. Because we had shared a difficult dance for years before he chose to depart this
way, a shield of distrust had closed my heart.  All I knew was that I needed a miracle, and all Kathy knew was my name.

Not only were my angels there with specific messages that I KNEW were truth… but this recently departed soul was there as I had anticipated. 
He was spontaneously announced by Kathy as someone who had transitioned, and who was communicating that he 'used to lie in your
arms'.  What he then shared through her was so clearly “him” and such
a healing experience for me that the shell I had built around my heart literally melted within hours of the call.  This first session was just over
a week ago, and the messages mean more and more every day!  My awakened heart is seeing and FEELING miracles daily, and the “Ah hah” moments are coming so fast I can barely keep up with them. 

I honestly think the “thawing” I felt in my heart after one session would have taken months of therapy to achieve…..that is how powerful the experience.  Thank you, Kathy for being the conduit, and for sharing
your gift with the world.  ~ Carla - Houston, TX  

"The messages you spontaneously gave me were all specifically about ways to help me heal my spine which amazed me since just that week I
had found out I have a compressed disc!  ~ R.S., MO - Reiki Master                                                                                     Tuning Fork practitioner

"Recently I was listening to the recording of my last session with
Kathy.  She had given me some specific information from the angels
for the near future, telling me that some things would occur in about
6 weeks.  All of this had, at this point now, unfolded in my life.  Curious,
I checked my calendar to see when she had given me this reading...
it was 6 weeks and 2 days prior!  I was amazed!

During all of my sessions with Kathy, my angels give me specific suggestions and tools.  I choose to follow each thing specifically,
and then I notice that gentle, quiet shifts naturally take place in
my life and I feel better for having followed their suggestions.

Kathy has also shared with me her wonderful ability and gift to connect with my loved ones who have transitioned.  Her messages have been
very specific and accurate each time, not to mention powerful!  These messages have given me so much comfort and peace in my heart,
making me know for sure that my loved ones are with me every step of
the way.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to know that for sure. 

I'm most grateful to Kathy for sharing her exceptional gifts with me.
I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to benefit from
her talents, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!"
~ Catherine Sweet, Pittsburgh, PA

More CLIENT Testimonies                                                                                          


Mondays: (6 Almost Consecutive)

Aug. 19, Aug. 26, Sept. 9, Sept. 16, Sept. 23,
Sept. 30 [2013]

* Note that we skip Monday, Sept. 2 for Labor Day Holiday

                     5:00  -   7:00  p.m.  Pacific
                     6:00  -   8:00  p.m.  Mountain
                     7:00  -   9:00  p.m.  Central
                     8:00  -  10:00 p.m.  Eastern 
"I took a class with Kathy a couple of years ago and I really learned
a great deal.  She demystified the process of talking to the Angels,
and I regularly do it for myself now.  I really liked Kathy's commonsense approach to talking with spirit."
~ A.C., NJ
Welcome!  Enjoy a serenade from the Angels as you peruse our Angel Class!  From Kathy's CD 'For Love of the Soul'.
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Space Limited

* If any of the class dates do not match with your schedule, or you  want to take the entire class via recordings, you'll be able to listen to or download a recording by the next day after each class meeting.  Teleclass content and it's recording is copy written by Kathy Landry.
* Several days before the first TeleClass, the Phone # and Access Code will be emailed to you.  It is NOT a toll-free number, and depending on your own long distance plan, you may incur long distance charges
to support healing and creating/attracting your intended reality:

Put something into motion today
that your
'one month from now' future self will be grateful for.

~ Kathy Landry