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Communication with Transitioned Loved Ones


This is the paradigm-shifting realm that opened all of my intuitive gifts 20 years ago when
I profoundly communicated with and continued a relationship with my beloved cat after his transition...changing my consciousness and path forever!

In a private session, you'll experience the astoundingly beautiful reality of receiving highly specific messages from your transitioned human or animal loved ones and also suggestions from them about how to continue your relationship if your choose to.

You'll also:

- Gain a deeper understanding of your bond with them and how to nurture and heal the       connection.
-  Receive an additional benefit of experiencing a session: Your consciousness, energy, and awareness will open more to the big picture of your own multidimensional soul - and     your ability to create your own life and reality!


"I had the honor of having a lovely session with Kathy concerning my Father who transitioned 5 years ago.  My Father communicated so many specific things that only he and I could know.  I was so heartened to know he is with his horses who transitioned over 40 years before him, and that he is visiting the beautiful land he grew up on.  He asked me to meet him there at the pond which he adored, and I did. I felt him and his dear brothers, and also felt the presence of my lovely, charming Mother, as I stood on the earth where
I last saw her in her physical body.  Kathy had no way of knowing that what was left in
a trust to me was in question and my Father clearly sent me a message that he wanted me to have what belonged to me.

Kathy spontaneously brought up the name 'Marla' (name changed for privacy), and once again, Kathy would not know of this cousin whom I was seeing the very next day!  When I saw Marla, I asked her about her son, and found out he had transitioned on Dec. 3rd. They had not spoken in over 5 years at the time he left. I told Marla of my session and she was so at peace because there is no doubt that David (name changed for privacy) was sending her a message from beyond.  She, through my session, finally had closure!  Kathy also saw that Marla had a fear of water and the suggestion from beyond was that she learn to swim or heal this fear.  And Marla told me, afraid...but that she had been working on this issue so she can visit friends who live at the beach.

I felt such a sense of comfort to know my Father recognized flaws in the trust he placed
in someone.  As a driven businessman, he was led by his heart and not his brain, but
has worked through things from where he is now.  I know he can hold his head high as
his positive energy wanders and enjoys!  So wonderful to know that he is healed from
all of the earthly suffering of losing a leg...he sent a message through Kathy that he had 'hobbled' in his life, but that he doesn't anymore!  Kathy accurately sensed from my Father that he had previously had an issue with a leg or a foot!  I like that he is in his 50 year old, healthy earth form as he walks around the property that he loves.  To know he is walking with my Mother is beautiful. I want to thank Kathy for using her wonderful gift to bring happiness, closure and peace to those of us who miss our friends, family, and companion animals!  For those who are thinking of making a connection, I can tell you that this has been life changing for me. My sister is not ready to receive the message our Father sent her, which was, "Take care of that boy."  The boy is his great-Grandson whom he never met. When she is open to receive, I will tell her."  ~ D.B.

"The shocking suicide of a family member in December led me to Kathy.  My emotions were raw, and I was numb.  Even though we had been divorced for years, this man was
still the father of my child. Because we had shared a difficult dance for years before he chose to depart this way, a shield of distrust had closed my heart.  All I knew was that
I needed a miracle, and all Kathy knew was my name.

Not only were my angels there with specific messages that I KNEW were truth… but
this recently departed soul was there as I had anticipated.  He was spontaneously announced by Kathy as someone who had transitioned, and who was communicating
that he 'used to lie in your arms'.  What he then shared through her was so clearly “him” and such a healing experience for me that the shell I had built around my heart literally melted within hours of the call. 

My awakened heart is seeing and FEELING miracles daily, and the “Ah hah” moments
are coming so fast I can barely keep up with them.   I honestly think the “thawing” I felt
in my heart after one session would have taken months of therapy to achieve…..that is how powerful the experience.  Thank you, Kathy for being the conduit, and for sharing
your gift with the world. "   ~ Carla - Houston, TX 

"I wanted to share with you a psychic medium story about how Kathy helped my
sister's dog Lucy and let that speak for itself: My sister and her boyfriend had three
dogs - Cliffie, Lucy, and Boo. Cliffie. a rescued dog, didn't have use of his hind legs or control of his bowels.  Cliffie had a wonderful life. His Walkin' Wheels allowed him to go
to the beach, swim in the ocean, and otherwise fight Boo and Lucy for fetched sticks. When not in his wheel chair, Cliffie could scoot with the best of them.  He was faster
than you can imagine (on just two front legs).

When Cliffie passed, Lucy was inconsolable. She would scratch at the back door constantly, almost ripping it from its hinges. She seemed panicked at all times. She
could not be left alone. Lucy was frazzled. She missed her friend.

Lucy's depression worsened with each passing day. Cliffie used to protect the back of
the house. Now, when Lucy went into the backyard at night, she seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. She would bark very loudly, running the perimeter
of the fence, insisting that any intruder be aware that she was on duty. She never had
to do that before. Cliffie took care of that.

Lucy began to get worse and worse. Medication was tried in an attempt to calm her,
but to no avail. It was heartbreaking.

As a Christmas present, I paid for an intuitive session for my sister with Kathy. They discussed many topics of which I am not privy, but the one thing I know is that Kathy
told my sister that Cliffie wanted Lucy to wear his collar and that she would feel safe

Now I know what you are thinking, but when your dog is in distress, you do anything,
you do everything... and nothing else had worked.

Now maybe, her grief went away magically on its own. I can't tell you for certain. All I
know is this - we put Cliffie's collar on Lucy and immediately noticed a difference.  It
really was amazing how quickly Lucy was relieved of her anxiety.  Lucy is a happy girl again and still wears Cliffie's collar to this day.

Kathy is a fellow vegan, whom I have the utmost respect for. She permeates kindness
and compassion, and if you have wanted to utilize psychic medium communication,
this is your chance and Kathy is worth it.

I have also personally had sessions with Kathy and I think she is amazing.  ~ C.M.

Kathy's moving story of her full communication with Cliffie, shared with
permission of the client (Cliffie's guardian):

"When Cliffie's guardian indicated that she wanted to know about her beloved dog who
had crossed over, I asked only for his name and nothing more.  I wanted to first bring through spontaneous messages from him.  First, Cliffie communicated to me a unique
and substantial special needs condition he had physically experienced during his life.
This came both as word thoughts in my mind 'problems with his back legs, unable to
walk', and he also showed me a visual of a dog lying on his stomach, with back legs stretched straight out behind, as though he were dragging them. This was validated as accurate, and so it was the profound and first piece of information he chose to share
with me - so that he could validate to his grieving guardian that he was truly present
and communicating through me. He also reassured that his legs are no longer an issue
for him, that he is happy and at peace, and is also still around those he loves.

He proceeded to share what he experienced during his 'crossing over', and accurately described the internal body imbalance that had resulted in his transition. Then, he spontaneously requested that I ask his guardian how another dog in the family (whom
he said is female) is doing because he was concerned about her.  After his guardian confirmed that there is a female dog (Lucy) who was very bonded to Cliffie and that
she is deeply grieving and experiencing intense separation anxiety since his transition,
Cliffie even offered very detailed insights as to how his dear canine friend's anxiety might
be reduced (putting his collar on her was one of them).  He also shared what will assist Lucy to open her perception more so that he can communicate with her himself,
and so that she can be more aware of his continued love and presence.

Please be assured that our loved ones - nonhuman and human - can still be incredibly involved with us and our lives!  It's just that for most of us, our innate clairvoyancy and awareness have been programmed not to see or hear our missed ones...until we consciously reawaken our gifts. I am so grateful to be able to make these inter-
dimensional connections...and so to tell you for certain that your relationships with
those whom you miss does truly continue, and that continuance is more palpeable than you can possibly imagine."  ~ Kathy Landry

"Kathy has shared with me in private sessions her wonderful ability and gift to connect with my loved ones who have transitioned.  Her messages have been very specific and accurate each time, not to mention powerful!  These messages have given me so much comfort and peace in my heart, making me know for sure that my loved ones are with
me every step of the way.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to know that for sure."  
~ Catherine Sweet, Pittsburgh, PA

Throughout my life in a role as animal mother, I have accompanied all of my four-legged babies to their transition from life due to their extreme illness or old age. I had the fortune to be in contact with Kathy just as I was preparing to have to take another, my Wheaton terrier, Buster.  Kathy, through her intuitive abilities, and her insight and special heart for animals, helped me make the days surrounding his passing so much more meaningful, unhurried and graceful, for him and for me.  I have a new understanding of how to treat this process and how to give the four-legged babies the respect and gentility they need. 
It is comforting to know that the love and the Spirit between us never dies.”
Stevie Farrand, OK


  -  Communication with Transitioned Loved Ones - Human or Animal
  -  We can communicate with as many transitioned loved ones
     as the allotted time allows, depending on the amount of messages
     you choose to receive from them, and how many questions you ask.
  -  Includes mp3 Recording
  -  No expiration date on session
  -  All sessions are confidential
  -  Appointments by phone only
(Not available via email or Facebook messaging - not conducive
modes of communication for this kind of sensitive work) and you must
be able to call our U.S. based phone line for your session. OR, if you
live in the U.S. or Canada, AND you waive having your session recorded,
Kathy can call you from her own phone for your session, as she has
free long distance to those areas. If you are outside the U.S./Canada,
you may want to check into a Skype account that may allow you to call
into your session without - or with only minimal - long distance fees. 

1 Hour Session:  $120  (Regularly $150)             30 Minute Private Session:  $65


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Learn to Communicate with Transitioned Loved Ones

(Human & Animal)


Startdate is
Thurs, June 30.
However, we do not do indepth hands-on in the first class meeting, so if unable to join us on May 24, recording is available for catchup, then you can join us live on the second Tuesday!




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