Kathy is a profoundly gifted Psychic Medium (communicating with humans and animals who have 'crossed over'), an Animal Communicator/Animal Intuitive, and an Intuitive Consultant with 27 years of experience.  She offers highly specific intuitive insights to support in the arenas of: Emotional, physical, & mental well-being, Animals, Loved Ones in Spirit (human & animal), Relationships, Work and career, Finances & Prosperity, Life & Soul Missions, Hidden talents, and more.

Kathy's intuitive abilities activated 27 years ago when her beloved cat Andre transitioned (crossed over) and then profoundly communicated - and continued a relationship with her....changing her consciousness and path forever.

Degreed in Psychology, Kathy was previously a Child Abuse & Neglect Investigator and Caseworker in Child Protective Services, 
a crisis counselor for children and at-risk teens, and a stress management/relaxation technique instructor.  Kathy is also 
a minister with the Universal Life Church. 

Kathy additionally is a highly-endorsed composer and digital keyboard artist of music that supports healing. 

Excerpts of her published album CD By Whisper Of Angels 
are featured as the soundtrack of the Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul audiobook by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Mark & Chrissy Donnelly, and Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D), in the 
#1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ® - and is also endorsed by Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author/TV Personality.  

Kathy's second published album CD For Love of the Soul is endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®, and also by the late John Randolph PriceBest-selling author of The Abundance Book and The Angels Within Usand the late Jan Priceauthor of The Other Side of Death.  

The soundtrack for Passion (audiobook) by Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D. was also composed by Kathy

Kathy has composed and recorded hundreds of musical improvisations - vibrationally personalized digital keyboard music - for individuals and groups to support healing, meditation, and relaxation.

Kathy's original and transportive digital keyboard music is intricately layered and harmonically rich, yet offers the natural breathtaking flow of a spontaneous creation. Her extensive past performances include numerous healing and spiritual centers,  churches, and events such as the Universal Lightworker's Conferences.  Audiences have ranged from small groups to up to one thousand. Each performance is dynamic and transportive because no matter how many are in attendance, the music is always improvised live in the moment specifically for the individual or group in attendance. 

About Kathy Landry:
One of Kathy's life missions is the creation of music for events and projects that directly promote a compassionate and peaceful world for all living beings - human and nonhuman. 

Previously a volunteer for 6 years with the 
Dolphin Rescue Team of the Texas Marine 
Mammal Stranding Network, Kathy spent 
hundreds of hours cradling and caretaking 
ill and injured dolphins who were in rehab -   
supporting and 'walking' them in the water 
when they were not able to swim on tneir own. 
(In this program, dolphins who regained health 
or who did not have permanent injuries or 
disabilities that would prevent their survival 
in the wild, were returned to the ocean near 
the same location of their stranding - and near 
a visible pod of dolphins.)

Living a vegan lifestyle for the past 21 years, Kathy attributes the spontaneous development of her high degree of 'beyond the veil' perception to her simultaneous path of compassion and relating to all living beings as kindred friends.  Intuitive perception is an innate quality that we all carry, she feels, and compassion is a key to activating it fully.  Having spent two months in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina as a volunteer animal rescuer of dogs and cats working day and night in the hardest hit ‘warzone’ areas of the city, Kathy describes this experience as having been the most soulful experience of her lifetime - yielding another profound acceleration in her intuitive abilities.  Through her deep connection with animals, she has learned the often denied 'knowing' that ALL species are one with us - and equal to us.  

A message shared in the underlying vibration of Kathy's music is that undivided compassion, non-harm, and solidarity with ALL sentient beings is the key to peace in the world. 

Kathy conducts private sessions, classes, and workshops remotely - with clients and students all over the world.

Kathy - while working as a Volunteer Disaster Animal Rescuer for two months in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina - for:
  - Best Friends Animal Society 
 - Animal Rescue New Orleans

Photo: Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, 2005

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